Debate: Rabbi vs Chaplain

This book is the transcript of a debate between Rabbi Tovia Singer, who represented Judaism while Chaplain John P. McTernan of International Cops For Christ represented Christianity.

Rabbi Singer is specially trained as a counter-missionary rabbi to thwart the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is one of the leading counter-missionaries in the world.

Chaplain McTernan has spent thousands of hours with Judaism’s counter-missionaries in defending the gospel of Jesus Christ. This resulted in him obtaining unique knowledge in how to defend and proclaim the gospel from the Old Testament. Chaplain McTernan used this fine honed knowledge during this debate.

The debate was actually two that took place consecutively, plus a question and answer period.  The topic of the first debate was "Is Jesus the Promised Jewish Messiah?" The second topic was "Without the shedding of blood there is no atonement." This debate was before an entirely Jewish audience.

The debate was transcribed because it is an excellent teaching tool.  The text gives you the ability to study what is being taught and how the teachings of the New Testament have a solid foundation in the Old Testament.  It is recommended that you listen to the debate a few times to get the full impact of the Scriptures that were used.  The post debate part of this book involves Chaplain McTernan’s expansion of the information developed during the debate.

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